3. Introduction: Multiple Voices, Multiple Stories

Welcome to Multiple Voices/Multiple Stories.

Before you begin your journey, we invite you to think about the parts that come together to create someone’s life story; it is the multitude of interrelated occurrences that makes the experience of living a universal one. Looking around these galleries, you see works of art that come in many forms and address issues of identity, race, gender, politics, and memory.

As you travel through the galleries, consider humanity's intersectional nature to see how individuals existing across transhistorical and transcultural spaces are still connected.  

Scan the QR codes along the way for in-depth examinations on how many of the works featured here align based on the suggested themes of portraiture, constructed identities, fashion, resiliency, and societal structures. These are just a starting point—we encourage you to uncover new themes and insert your own story.